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Organization Culture Survey and Analysis

‘Organization culture has been a term much discussed by management and corporate people over the last 20-30 years, particularly during the time of drastic changes, e.g., reengineering, merger and acquisition, economic recession, major downsizing. Despite its intangibility, this term plays a key role in the survival or extinction of organizations.  Organization culture is nowadays a topic widely studied and researched by management and organization experts.  Major ‘gurus whose studies have provided the management world with valuable insights on the subject include, for instance, Deal and Kennedy (1982), Charles Handy (1985), John Kotter & Heskett (1992) and Edgar Schein (2003).

PeopleLegacy – An integrated methodology for organization culture survey and analysis by Signature Solutions

 At Signature Solutions, we believes that the framework, methods, processes and tools appropriate for understanding and implementing organization culture changes should be able to provide effective solutions to organization culture-related problems in an efficient, simplified way.  The solutions should be practical and implementable, yet carry in-depth diagnostic and analysis power to reflect and give insight to the sophisticated, multi-dimensional nature of the different cultures in organizations.  We thus proudly present PeopleLegacy – an integrated methodology for organization culture survey and analysis comprising conceptual framework, processes and tools to support organizations in diagnosing and understanding their organization culture.   PeopleLegacy is built on Signature Solutions conceptual framework which categorizes organization cultures into 8 styles based on their different origins/sources of guidelines for decisions and behaviors as follows:

PeopleLegacy - a fully-integrated organization culture survey and analysis system by Signature Solutions
PeopleLegacy - Organization culture in 8 styles
  1. The Positional Culture: Decisions are made/actions are undertaken by people in positions of formal authority.
  2. The Expert Culture: decisions are made/actions are undertaken by specialists/experts on each particular topic.
  3. The Concert Culture: decisions are made/actions are undertaken in concert with all people/parties concerned.
  4. The Individual Culture: Decisions are made/actions are undertaken by the individual in charge.
  5. The External Culture: Decisions are made/actions are undertaken based on circumstances external to the organization.
  6. The Situational Culture: Decisions are made/actions are undertaken based on circumstances specific to each particular case.
  7. The Procedural Culture: Decisions are made/actions are undertaken based on the pre-established rules, regulations, guidelines, processes and procedures.
  8. The Traditional Culture: Decisions are made/actions are undertaken in line with the traditional practice within the organization.

Underneath the  8 cultural styles, organizations also manifest their unique characterstics in the nuances and details, e.g., in their frames of thoughts and beliefs, in their modes and tones of relationships among members, in their interaction with external parties.  PeopleLegacy , in full application, thus provides conceptual framework, processes and tools for survey and analysis of organization culture, the output of which is presented in the forms of figures, charts and analysis text to reflect the underlying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats unique to each client organization.  The survey can also be used as a tool to monitor change in an organization s culture as the context changes.

PeopleLegacy   - How does it differ?


PeopleLegacy   - is equipped with a well-researched survey tool that provides an in-depth understanding of organization culture.  It also enables organizations to regularly monitor change taking place in their organization culture.


PeopleLegacy  - specifies the organization culture and sub-culture, together with relevant details, e.g., characteristics unique to the organization or certain population sub-group(s), concerns, expectations of each sub-group that might affect the overall culture of the organization.


PeopleLegacy – reveals gaps between the current and targeted organization culture, therefore the level of effort required to close the gap, the development and progress achieved to date as a result of actions undertaken to close the gaps, as well as further actions necessary to reach the targeted culture.


PeopleLegacy – enables comparison of survey results among population sub-groups, as well as comparison of each sub-group culture to the desirable/targeted organization culture.


PeopleLegacy – neither ‘judges nor prescribes ‘a ready-made formula of desirable/undesirable organization cultures, but provides understanding and insights, through quantitative and qualitative analysis into factors contributing to the existing organization culture, its potentials as well as pitfalls, for clients to make informed decisions and choices with full knowledge and understanding of the implications.


PeopleLegacy – in full application also recommends an action plan to move the organization and its people towards the desirable/targeted organization culture.

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