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Performance Management

Performance Management is about improving organization performance by improving individual and team performance to ensure that an organization s strategy is effectively and efficiently executed to achieve its vision and mission.  It is:
  • A process of establishing a shared understanding of what is to be achieved and how;
  • A process of constructive guidance and feedback to ensure that people are doing the right things and in the most effective ways;
  • A process of managing self and others so that people do achieve as planned;
  • A process of assessing what is achieved against the targets set, of rewarding and encouraging good performance, and providing feedback for areas that need improvement.

A good performance management system is therefore characterized by the following:

  • At the organization level:
    • It is a continuous process, not a once-a-year appraisal;
    • It is a process that links the individual s to the organization s objectives;
    • It is a process that integrates output from other key management systems, summarizes and presents an aggregate picture of performance both at the individual staff and organization level for decisions and actions.
  • At the individual staff level:
    • It is not a verdict, but a two-way communication process between managers and staff;
    • It is an opportunity to further improve on self and performance;
    • It is a reviewing session to summarize past performance, as well as a forward-looking session to set future goals.


PerformanceChampion – An integrated Performance Management System by Signature Solutions

PerformanceChampion consists of a conceptual framework, processes and tools to support organizations in establishing an integrated performance management system both at the organization and individual staff levels.  It consists of 4 key steps of the performance management process, namely:

1) Performance Planning)                               2) Performance Coaching

3) Performance Reviewing           and            4) Performance Rewarding

PerformanceChampion - a fully-integrated performance management system by Signature Solutions

At Signature Solutions, We work with senior management, managers, supervisors and staff using PerformanceChampion to establish/enhance efficiency and effectiveness at different stages in our client organizations people management systems to achieve various performance-related purposes:

  • Performance Planning: PerformanceChampion provides concepts, processes, methods and tools to help establish organization-wide strategies, plans, performance targets and indicators, annual action plans, as well as cascading of plans and performance targets down to the individual staff level.
  • Performance Coaching:PerformanceChampion provides concepts, processes, methods and tools to coach, advise and manage staff performance action-wise as well as attitude-wise.
  • Performance Reviewing:PerformanceChampion provides concepts, processes, methods and tools to assess and communicate past performance to people/parties concerned in a way that creates acceptance and inspiration for further improvement.
  • Performance Rewarding: PerformanceChampion provides concepts, processes, methods and tools to fairly and transparently set criteria and distribute rewards for performance of individuals and work units in order to encourage good performance, as well as to reinforce desirable organization values and culture.
PerformanceChampion - How does it differ?

PerformanceChampion   - does not dictate adoption of performance management theories and practices that are unfit for the client organizations, but analyzes and recommends areas for improvement in a way that reflects understanding of the reality to facilitate adoption, while also encourages benchmarking and continuous performance improvement towards the targeted standard.

PerformanceChampion  - provides not only concepts, processes and tools, but also ‘how-to advice and skill coaching to support managers and staff throughout the different steps of their performance management process.  This is based on our experience, which points out that failure in organizations performance management is frequently not the result of a lack in processes and tools, but in experience and skills to use those processes and tools.  An example is, for instance, performance coaching and feedback, which require a certain level of understanding, communication and human interaction skills sometimes lacking in new supervisors and managers.

PerformanceChampion - provides options for organizations to adjust factors crucial to their performance management and improvement to ensure flexibility of the system amidst the rapidly-changing context of organizations nowadays.

PerformanceChampion - equips managers with guidelines to communicate and receive feedback from people in the organization at various stages of the performance management process to foster a sense of ownership and continuous improvement of the process by the process users themselves.

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